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FILM COMMENT  Eric Hynes' wonderful review is more than any filmmaker could ask for. "Sure, it’s a comedy. It’s also a redemption story, as radical as it ought to be, offering nothing less than the recasting of society in a resolutely, divinely queer image."

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER Keith Uhlich's rave review of our film calls Gospel "A miracle indeed... Whose side is God on, we might wonder? The Gospel of Eureka doesn’t provide an answer, though it does suggest, in very lyrical, lasting ways, that each and every human being has the right to search for one."

VARIETY Amy Nicholson's review is through the roof! "The audience grinned like they hadn’t felt this optimistic about America in years."

ARTFORUM Amy Taubin's rave review out of BAM.  "When the disco ball and the Star of Bethlehem are both signs of the divine... it’s hard not to respond with hope."

ALT CITIZEN "Bleak optimism" pretty much sums up our whole career. This is a really lovely review by Amanda Lang.  "The film tackles a subject that even those who have studied sexuality and religion, who have written texts about the dichotomy of faith, gender, and sexual identity, still struggle to develop a helpful conclusion on."

BOSTON GLOBE lists us as one of the 12 LGBTQ films to catch at SXSW! Thanks, Grindr!

IN REVIEW ONLINE Sam Mac's wonderful review includes "Palmieri and Mosher examine ideological differences in a way that’s neither apolitical nor didactic.. their interest is in the ways these differences play-out in social discourse — while their politics are asserted through the emotional connections they form with their subjects."

WHAT (NOT) TO DOC Thanks Basil! "Eschewing easy demonization of any particular person or group, the filmmakers instead construct a free-moving look at faith, love, and principles."

DEADLINE "I took one look at The Gospel Of Eureka and knew I had to be a part of it. It contains all of the things polite people don’t talk about at dinner; politics, religion, and sex. What a feast!!! - Justin Vivian Bond   

ROLLING STONE  Top 20 @SXSW. "Call it the ultimate testament to we-are-family values."

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER Top 10 @ SXSW. Thanks again THR for all the love.

FILMMAKER MAGAZINE One of the top 25 films to see at SXSW. 

INTERVIEW MAGAZINE  Top 10 @ SXSW! "The film is narrated by genreless artist Mx Justin Vivian Bond and guaranteed to bring about the Second Coming."

THE ADVOCATE  "Unmissable!"

INTO MAGAZINE lists us as one of the 12 LGBTQ films to catch at SXSW! Thanks, Grindr!

CULT.MONTREAL lists us as one of the 12 LGBTQ films to catch at SXSW! Thanks, Grindr!

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